Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Globalization, Economic Crisis, and Human Rights

Amnesty International annual report has rightly said that the global economic downturn is responsible for an increase in human rights abuses.

Actually, I think it is a consequence of our "globalization" over the last few years that has caused the problems, not just the recent downturn. The recent downturn has simply increased the problem. But I do not think it is the fault of globalization, but rather the way it has been practiced.

To me it seems while the developed countries have pushed globalization of goods and services, they have at the same time pushed for anti-globalization of people. In other words, while encouraging open borders for trade, they have closed borders for people. At the same time xenophobia and nationalism have been increasing. I also think that the excuse of a "war on terror" (not only in the US, but world-wide) has contributed to the problems.

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