Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Green Software

Within the last few months, a number of articles have been written about "green computing". But what is this?

First. the term seems to have two meanings. First, is writing software that reduces energy consumption of the computer. Secondly, is changing the hardware to reduce both energy and heat production (reducing cooling requirements). The later usage also includes changing cooling methods of computer rooms.

Actually, I think neither meaning is really significant, with the exemption of the cooling methods of computer rooms which are really not related to computer hardware or software.

Being an avid computer user (Linux user that is :) ) I can say I highly doubt that doing such a thing would save much energy. On slashdot there was an article about how Google would save energy just by using a black background! (However, with LCD monitors black backgrounds may consume more energy -- see comments on the slashdot article.) Now, I really don't think that will solve our global energy crisis or global warming.

Recently, there was a meeting of technology companies. Where they discussed how "green" they were. But they really just a PR exercise.

Maybe if they would quit letting out their hot air, they would not need so much cooling.

All of this talk about green computing sounds like more green propaganda. In fact, it sounds very similar to the 1980's when companies like McDonald's tried to claim they were green.

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