Friday, May 22, 2009

I just attended the 2009 Entech exhibition, which is an environmental technology show held in Bangkok, Thailand annually. My first reaction to the show when I walked into the exhibition hall was "how tiny". It was one of the smallest exhibits in the ten years I have been attending and half the size of last year's.

By the way if you think the reason for the decline in exhibitors is the recession, think again. The previous week was Intermach a machinery exhibition. It was three
times the size of Entech and about the same as the previous year.

For all the talk of lately about the environment, global warming, energy, etc. this exhibition did not show it. It makes me wonder if green washing is not even worse than we thought.

As the exhibition claims to be the most important environment show in Southeast Asia (even though almost no exhibitors are from SE Asia outside of Thailand), I also wonder what this implies on the issue of sustainable development.

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