Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dangers of Roundup

Project Censored has a list of the top 25 censored stories of 2007. Number 3 on the list is the "Oceans of the World are in Extreme Danger". But the one that really caught my attention was #13 New Evidence Establishes Dangers of Roundup. I just recently mentioned Roundup in my previous blog "What is Wrong with GMO's".

To quote the Project Censored article:

New studies from both sides of the Atlantic reveal that Roundup, the most widely used weedkiller in the world, poses serious human health threats. More than 75 percent of genetically modified (GM) crops are engineered to tolerate the absorption of Roundup—it eliminates all plants that are not GM. Monsanto Inc., the major engineer of GM crops, is also the producer of Roundup. Thus, while Roundup was formulated as a weapon against weeds, it has become a prevalent ingredient in most of our food crops.

Three recent studies show that Roundup, which is used by farmers and home gardeners, is not the safe product we have been led to trust.

The article goes on to describe the studies done.

We need to be very concerned about Roundup, given the power that Monsanto is starting to exert world wide.

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